Since the three previous posts of my writing have been on the extensive side I’ve decided to put up a shorty.

This is SNOWED. (c) 2013 by Tim Young

Hi. It snowed here this morning. The second I popped out of bed I had to run for my socks, the floors were freezing!

I looked out at the car and the windows were all plastered white. This meant I had to get out there earlier than I wanted to clean the stuff off. The radio said a ton of more snow was on the way and I have to drive twenty miles over to the next town to pick up Sally. Her girlfriend picked her up yesterday to do some Christmas shopping but then they ended up getting so drunk last night that Marsha, her girlfriend, couldn’t driver her home.

Now Marsha has to get into work so she can’t return Sally now either.

Between you and me, I’m not so crazy about Marsha anymore. She is constantly coming up with excuses to get out of things she has already promised. Bitch. I’m hoping this kind of thing doesn’t rub off on Sally. I’d be pissed…Oh and now, get this, i just tried to start the car and it won’t go and after i spent fifteen minutes scraping and picking at the snow. And now it’s beginning to snow really hard like the radio said.

Looks like Sally won’t make it home for Christmas eve. Hey man, let’s get drunk tonight. I’ve got this huge bottle of Patron I bought for Sally. I was only kidding about the car not starting!


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